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Hire Me- Freedygist Blog Web Services

Your blog or business blog can look much better than what it's right way, we can help with that if we work together. 

Note: A well designed blog with widgets that is professionally arranged and easy navigations will help you in gaining constant visitors. 

it’s high time you give it a touch of betterment.


I can help your blogger/BLOG blog with the followings:
  • I Will Upload your Android apps on Google Playstore for you.
  • i can Redirect your old domain to a new one using a 301 redirect, so you won't lose your link juice and rankings.
  • Change your .blogspot.com to yourname.com, .net or any of your choice.
  • I will also Create a custom Email address for you using your domain name, e.g: info@yourdomain.com. No additional charges, free for Life. 
  • SPEEDUP THE LOAD TIME OF YOUR BLOGGER BLOG : Do you know that Page load time plays a serious role in SEO and helps in Page Ranking?. Contact me today to get your go faster.
  • I will DESIGN YOUR BLOGGER BLOG: I will design your already existed Blogger blog to your taste, with a responsive design and nice colors combinations + Domain purchasing and parking it to your blog. (You will love my work)
  • I Will Create AN ANDROID APP FOR YOUR BLOG/WEBSITE: Do you need an Android app for your blog or website? I can get that done within a day of 2days for you. it will be Completely customized for your blog/website, Notification enabled, custom theme, fast browsing, easy navigations and more.

  • I Will CREATE AND DESIGN A Fresh BLOGGER BLOG: You want to be a blogger and you don't know how to create and design a blogger blog? I can help you with that including purchasing a domain name and parking it to your blog. Do You Need A Blog Like Mine (FreedyGistBlog.com)?

I can create and design a photocopy of my blog Freedygist Blog for you with all it features and goodies inside.

You can click  HERE check here for more info about my official blog Template design and its features.


Kindly contact me via:
Contact Form: CLICK HERE
Email: info@freedygistblog.com
We hope in doing business with you.
saviour ESara - Freedygistblog.com

Last Updated: May/2020.
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