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FreedyGist Blog Template

Introducing Blogger Template!

Hi friends, If you love the current design of my blog ( and want to buy?, I can set up same design for your blog if you are ready to pay for it. I personally customized my template to my taste using html, css and javascript, it took  time and money though.

So, if you do not want to go through the stress of re-designing and customizing a blogger template or you want to create a new one, then let me get it done for you.
Freedygist Fast blogger Templates is a premium blogger themes which has the fastest loading time with all browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, etc.

Freedygist Fast blogger Template is a Responsive Blogger Template optimized with Google’s latest features and crafted with SEO friendly design. Freedygist Fast Blogger Template will help you to achieve a higher ranking in Search engine result page (SERP).

Freedygist Fast Blogger Template is a paid Blogspot Template and premium Blogger Template with SEO friendly UI and ultra fast-loading design, pre-loaded with lots of features which will make you feel like using a professional blogger template for your website.

Advantages of Using a fast loading Blogger template

  • Fast loading blogger template will make your website users friendly.
  • As the template is very fast, visitors will stay for more time on your website which will lead to reduce Bounce rate.
  • Search engine giant google prefers fast loading websites, so using Ultra fast blogger template may improve your organic search traffic.
  • This template is responsive, so visitors can visit your website from any devices such as Phones, Tablets or computers.
  • SEO experts always recommend using fast loading blogger templates as it loads within seconds.


  • Dark mode view for night visitor
  • A home page with auto read more, post thumbnail and snippet features (Available for pc view only).
  • Automatic Table of Contents in posts

  • H1, H2, H3, H4 headings optimized.
  • Page Loading Effect for Mobile and PC view without external JavaScript. (This makes it load 2x more faster)
  • Nexter posts navigation on Mobile & Pc view
  • Can easily change width of sidebars, post area etc, via Blogger Template designer dashboard
  • Can easily change template color via Blogger template designer dashboard
  • Works perfectly with Blogger Template designer
  • Custom css functionality
  • Custom mobile view looks awesome and neat
  • Can easily display ad banners, related posts with thumbnails etc on mobile view and pc view (optional).
  • Can display ads almost anywhere in the template; side bars for pc, above logo, below logo, inside posts, in the middle of posts, footer etc.
  • fREEDYgIST Blogger Template is mobile and pc responsive & friendly
  • Post Breadcrumb on Pc and mobile view
  • Can be easily navigated
  • FreedyGist Blogger Template is User friendly, Optimized for strong SEO traffic, Loads faster both on Mobile and Pc.
  • Schema markup and Structured data optimized.
  • OpenGraph and Meta Tags Optimized
  • AdS Friendly
  • 100% Responsive
  • 100% SEO Optimized.

I just can't mention more. You can actually change the overall CSS color of this Template from Green to Red or Blue. I can even help you with that.


Dark mode enable

Mobile Customized menu

Page Speed Score of Freedygist Premium Blogger Template

Get this Template and enjoy lots of its FEATURES.


FreedyGist Blogger Template costs NGN 6,000 ($15 USD). (With 24/7 support).
you can pay with bitcoin or paypal


Contact me via:

Contact Form: CLICK HERE

We hope in doing business with you.

Saviour Esara -
Warm Regards!.

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